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    Earn Your Booze ® EVENTS



    Each event features a unique workout, new drinks and more knowledge about how to get better results and be more effective at earning your booze. Expect anything from keg tosses, rock climbing, running, bodyweight movements, drinking games and numerous other movements depending on the venue and situation. All workouts are scalable to accommodate any conditioning level.

    TruFusion Scottsdale is the official fitness partner of Earn Your Booze events! We have the best group fitness professionals in the industry leading EYB workouts all across the Phoenix valley.

    If you are brand new to working out we have a group for you and will show you how to safely move at your own pace to complete the workout. If you are a seasoned lifter kicking ass 6 days a week, we have a group for you that will make you earn those drinks.

    Our workouts are community based with our most fit attendees encouraging and cheering on newbies so if you are new to working out this is a great way to get started!

    Feel free to check out videos and pics from previous events and sign up fort the next event beforehand by hitting the button below! Looking forward to meeting you at an EYB event!


    For participation, please print and fill out the waiver below.

    Download Waiver